Traditional Range - Egg and Bead ~ Photo Frames

Traditional Range - Egg and Bead from L J Millington Silversmiths Birmingham West Midlands UK

Traditional Sterling Silver Egg & Bead Photoframe. 100% Manufactured in Great Britain. Various sizes available, Standard frames supplied with Blue Velvet and Box, other colours and leather option available, personalisation of boxes and facing papers available

Available Dimensions
2¼ x 3¼TR2/EB 
Leather Back 2.¼ X 3¼TR2/EB/LEATHER 
5" X 3.5"TR3/EB 
Leather back 5" X 3.5TR3/EB/LEATHER 
Silver Plated 5" X 3.5"TR3/EB/SP 
7" X 5TR4/EB 
Leather back 7" X 5"TR4/EB/LEATHER 
Silver Plated 7" X 5"TR4/EB/SP 

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